Eastern States News

Eastern States Branch’s 3 week trek was a good success to Dubbo, but very cold. They stayed every night in parks, as they needed power to run heaters every night.

There were quite a few new trekkers from Tasmania,Parkes to name a few, there was a good roll up for the meeting.

Sunday 29th August, Jenny and Neville, President and Secretary, of the Eastern States Branch, drove to Wee Waa to catch up with the tractor trekkers from W.A. on there return trip to their respective homes in W.A.

Four tractors arrived in Byron Bay on the 24th August and they include George and Anne Bass, Allan Faulkner, Cedar Armstrong and Harry James. Dennis Hill went home from Birdsville. The four tractors looked like they had travelled across Australia. They were all very pleased to have got there, but had some very trying times in doing so. Hope they get home safely.

(They are home safe  and sound)

Eastern States have arranged for there AGM to be held in Allora near Warwick. Please give some thought to going in your tractors as they are featuring Chamberlains at their show and it would be a good opportunity to support our Queensland members at this event.  

Please email for contact details

Email:- chamberlain9g@westnet.com.au


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