Chamberlain 9G Trek 2010

The Chamberlain 9G Trek 2010

From Steep Point to Byron Bay, its nearly over, the tractors are on there way to Ceduna now to make the last leg, of the journey home.

Special thanks to Anne Bass for feeding me the reports 1-5 and photo’s of this trip

Well Done 9G’S


4 thoughts on “Chamberlain 9G Trek 2010

  1. Passed the three tractors between Ravensthorpe and Kalgoorlie this morning …………

    To be honest, I wasn’t sure what was the basis of this little convoy but I have since found out via your website and the tourist info service in Ravensthorpe, that it’s for charity. So big congratulations to the people involved. That’s one huge journey in a car let alone a tractor. Good luck to the participants and I hope they make lots of money for their charity of choice.

    It’s reinforced what special people Aussies are.

    Thanks and good luck for future events,

    Sandra Smith,
    Coffs Harbour.

  2. We’ve come from Coffs to Broken Hill onto Port Augusta, through the centre to Darwin, across to Broome down the WA coast, around the bottom of WA and up to Kalgoorlie where we saw your convoy.
    I am in awe of people going from around the Carnarvon area of WA to Byron Bay NSW in a tractor.
    They must have bumps, bruises, aches and pains galore from their efforts.

  3. Marg & Ian, were travelling in W.A. and met up with your trek near Hamlin Pool on 05.07.10 where you had stopped for a break. The trek was on its way to the start point at Steep Point. We stopped and spoke with the group for a while and I handed over some business cards and suggested if possible send some comments as the trip progressed. We were so pleased to receive a photo of Eric Hill and his tractor with Ayres Rock in the background and some info regarding the trip so far. Please forward our thanks to Eric for his kindness.
    Regards Ian

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