Day 17 continues

Day 17

After wandering and enjoying the surrounds here we moved onto Uluru – `the rock’ – taking many more photos (even though most of us are lucky to be able to say that we already have the same photos at home in our collections). After enjoying  a light lunch and some time at Uluru we checked into the Ayres Rock Caravan Park for our two night stay allowing sorting and re-organising for the next part of our journey. We all enjoyed an evening barbeque at  the Pioneer Resort before turning in for a good night’s sleep with no particlur `get up’ time!!

To most of us home is looking furhter away now and Byron Bay comes ever closer although with only 2698km’s behind us we know we have more challenges to face yet before we reach that final destination.

Once again, we all wish everybody in our various home towns well and will make another report when technology permits.

 Tipping & turning in           George checking the way.     Cedar making one of

Finke Gorge.                                                                                    crossings.

Plains Wanderer in the      Faulky having a little        Plains Wanderer & co

  water.                                  help from a snatch strap.   driver waiting for a tow.

Leisurely lunch on           Uncle Harry under repair. 9G’S to the rescue out

Finke River Bed.                                                                        of Alice Springs.

Support vehicle needed    The Finke Gorge.                Beautiful entry to

help to get up & over.                                                            Alice Springs.


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